Namoora Recipe

Marwa's twist on a traditional recipe also known as Harrisa, this semolina slice is very addictive as it is not as sweet as long established cousin. Can also easily be made vegan with a coconut yogurt.

Layered Eggplant Recipe

This is one of my go to recipes for those times when you want to really impress without having to spend hours cooking. Adding a twist to the traditional vegetarian lasagna, your guests will be delighted at the interesting use of ingredients. Of course it is delicious to enjoy alone,

Eggplant with Quinoa and Tahini Recipe

Tahini is entirely delicious at any time, day or night. But add caramelised onion and Yallateef to it — something that can be done quite effortlessly — and you will place yourself in serious danger of sensory overload. Which is no bad thing…

Baba Ghanoush Recipe

Baba ghanoush translates as “spoiled father” because of the work involved in preparing it. The suggestion is that husbands and fathers are indeed spoiled, and fortunate, to have someone willing to make this opulent eggplant dip for them. Quite so!

Date Slices Recipe

These delicious slices make great treats for children, and offer a far healthier alternative to most processed confectionery. Feel free to add any ingredients you and your family especially enjoy, and make them your own.

Superfood Smash Recipe

This dish is an explosion of nutritious miracle foods and it will, power you through the day while keeping a broad smile on your face. How does that sound?

Quinoa & Corn Fritters Recipe

Quinoa is a superfood —It has low GI for sustained energy release, and therefore is an admirable choice for breakfast. These fritters are great on their own, but are even better with labneh – as are so many things.

Tabouli Recipe

This classic salad is a staple dish on most middle eastern tables. Try substituting burghul with quinoa for a gluten free alternative.

Quinoa Soup Recipe

Quinoa is one of our favorite superfoods, we are astonished by its ability to satisfy any appetite for longer than almost anything else. This soup is now a staff and family staple dish. 

Kale Salad Recipe

This salad is so popular that, whenever we make it at Oasis, we run out before the end of the day. You will understand why when you taste it but … should we simply make more?

Roasted Beetroot Salad Recipe

Beetroot is a remarkable vegetable – delicious, nutritious and with other special qualities all of its own. But here, some surprising partnerships and a superb dressing lift it to even dizzier heights

Chocolate Crackles Recipe

Quinoa, millet, spelt and brown rice may not be in most children’s list of favourite foods. But puffed grains can change all that. Use this technique to feed these healthy foods to your kids, and they will crunch them very happily. Just remember to hide them from the grown-ups…