Namoora Recipe

Marwa's twist on a traditional recipe also known as Harrisa, this semolina slice is very addictive as it is not as sweet as long established cousin. Can also easily be made vegan with a coconut yogurt.

Date Slices Recipe

These delicious slices make great treats for children, and offer a far healthier alternative to most processed confectionery. Feel free to add any ingredients you and your family especially enjoy, and make them your own.

Superfood Smash Recipe

This dish is an explosion of nutritious miracle foods and it will, power you through the day while keeping a broad smile on your face. How does that sound?

Chocolate Crackles Recipe

Quinoa, millet, spelt and brown rice may not be in most children’s list of favourite foods. But puffed grains can change all that. Use this technique to feed these healthy foods to your kids, and they will crunch them very happily. Just remember to hide them from the grown-ups…

Sahlab Recipe

Great for breakfast, or as a dessert. And when life presents you with an opportunity to eat dessert for breakfast, what can possibly go wrong with the day?

Quinoa Porridge Recipe

Delicious, warming Quinoa porridge is just what we need some mornings to ease us into the day. Can easy be made with any milk of your choice for a vegan alternative

Vegan Baklava Recipe

This is a deliciously modern twist on an old favourite: can you think of any reason why a vegan should not indulge in a glorious baklava? Me neither…