Lebanese BBQ - Kafta Recipe

Kafta are Lebanese sausage-shaped meatballs, and as easy to make as that would suggest. They can be eaten as they are with side dishes or incorporated into wraps.

Burghul a' banadura Recipe

Traditionally, this dish was cooked in a terracotta pot over an open flame. It can, of
course, still be cooked that way. But otherwise, a non-stick pot also works.

Kebbeh Recipe

This is a wonderfully versatile dish, you can bake, deep fry, shallow fry, grill or even BBQ kebbeh.  You can be endlessly creative with kebbeh try any shape you can think of.



Ejjeh Recipe

Marwa Makool's twist on a traditional egg fritter. These delicious gems are a family favorite.

Fattoush Recipe

This popular salad is traditionally served in summer when all of the ingredients are at their best. The zaatar crisps are especially good just as they begin to soak up the dressing.

Falafel Recipe

Falafel night! set up a table full of your favorite veggies and dips and get the whole family involved in making their own wraps.

Black rice Salad Recipe

Black rice was once called forbidden rice — reserved for royalty. Those were the days, eh? But now, this delicious, nutty grain with its high levels of antioxidants, nutrients, protein and fiber is available even to us commoners. Which is excellent news…

Broccolini salad Recipe

This quick and simple salad, can be served warm or cold. Great as a side for any meal.

Chickpea salad Recipe

This quick and simple salad, is a great accompaniment or delicious on its own! 

Vegan Baklava Recipe

This is a deliciously modern twist on an old favourite: can you think of any reason why a vegan should not indulge in a glorious baklava? Me neither…