FAIRFIELD - Fri 16th August at 6.30pm - Pomegranate Madness


Will be held at our Fairfield store:
92-96 Station St Fairfield 3078

Learn a new appreciation for the wonders of pomegranate as Marwa demonstrates some of her favourite dishes like:

  • Pomegranate & walnut salad (the cover photo of her cookbook Yallateef!)
  • Pomegranate jeweled rice 
  • Pan seared pomegranate lamb 

Session lasts 90 minutes & Includes::

  • The demonstration 
  • Complimentary Lebanese coffee, tea and sweets 
  • Eating the delicious meal 
  • Recipes to take home and recreate 
  • A short guided tour through our store 
  • 10% off groceries 


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