Oasis The Boss Espresso Blend Coffee Bean 1kg


$2.99 per 100G


Oasis The Boss Espresso Blend Coffee Bean


Subtle berry acidity with hazelnut flavours, a heavy chocolate body with the a sweet caramel finish.

There is a photo of my father in the store with a caption below it saying. The boss. Now, Unlike those photo walls you see in the foyers of large conglomerates that are trying to put a human face on their otherwise faceless organisation, this photo of my father was never meant to convey his place in the structure of Oasis. It was just meant to convey that to me, and to the rest of our family, he was and always will be. The Boss, in that he did what had to be done to look after us and guide our family.

I miss having coffee with him in the early morning before he used to drive me to the train station back when I had a regular job, job type job, working for one of those large faceless organisations, he's not around anymore to share this coffee with me, but when I drink it. I do think of him, and I'm glad we had the time together to share a coffee.

From Our family to yours, experience the tradition and the passion of Oasis.