manner hazelnut cocoa cream tartlets 400g



Whether relaxing with a coffee or filling the gap between meals – with heaps of cream, this snack has plenty of fans!

Manner tartlets have been one of the company’s most popular products since 1996: three layers of crispy Manner wafer filled with plenty of hazelnut cocoa cream in a round, handy shape. But the crispy, round wafers and the high hazelnut content in the cream are not the only things that make Manner tartlets so delicious – the very special cocoa taste is produced during the in-house cocoa-roasting process.

Did you know?

Round Manner tartlets are cut out of one large, rectangular wafer, producing leftover pieces. Rather than snacking on them ourselves, we work them back into the cream in the grand confectionery tradition.

Manner tartlets are produced in accordance with the Manner quality guarantee and the principles of sustainable cocoa farming.