mamma emma potato gnocchi with pdo gorgonzola 400g



Potato Gnocchi With PDO Gorgonzola 400G - Mamma Emma

The first stuffed dumplings made with 100% fresh potatoes. That’s what makes unique the mamma emma gnocchi stuffed with gorgonzola. The addition of Gorgonzola PDO, a real Italian gastronomic excellence, to the dough of potato gnocchi, will leave you open-mouthed.

The ingredients of Mamma Emma gnocchi with PDO Gorgonzola are: 60% steamed potatoes, type “0” soft wheat flour, 7% Gorgonzola DOP cheese (milk, rennet, salt), ricotta cheese spread 7% (98% ricotta ( whey, cream, salt), whey protein concentrate, lactic ferments), eggs, salt, sunflower oil, potato starch.

GORGONZOLA is a raw paste cheese with characteristic green streaks obtained from the blue cheese process.