La morena refried bayo beans with chipotle and adobo 440g



Refried Bayo Beans with Chipotle and Adobo 440G - La Morena

La Morena authentic Mexican refried bayo beans with chipotle and adobo make a delicious filling for burritos, tacos and enchiladas. The La Morena, homemade-style variety uses quality ingredients - a bayo bean base, with the chipotle chillies, giving it more smoky notes than normal refried bean sauces.

Try these chipotle adobo refried bayo beans with grilled meat, as a traditional topping for savoury Mexican sopes or just as a snack with corn tortilla chips

Ingredients: Bayo beans, water, tomato sauce (tomato, water, vinegar, iodized salt, sugar, spices), soybean oil, onion, iodized salt, chipotle pepper.