Oasis - Aleppo pepper 100g



Aleppo pepper is a semi-moist, moderately hot, flaked red pepper. Found usually as crushed flakes, they are typically slightly milder & oilier than conventional crushed red peppers, with a hint of saltiness & a slightly raisin-like flavor. Aleppo pepper exhibits a slow gentle initial heat followed by a more substantial & intense heat then finishes with a pleasant warmth & lingering tinge of sweet & sour. Aleppo pepper makes a quick & tasty marinade for meat or fish (mix with olive oil, oregano, cumin, garlic & coriander) & it can also be used to add flavor and body to soups, stews & sauces.

Ingredients: Aleppo pepper 

May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, sesame seeds, soy or gluten.