Bread & Bakery

"We do things the old fashioned way because it makes the bread taste better. We take the time, using sour starters and natural leaven, before resting the dough for 24 hours. Only then is it shaped and baked. Flavours are carefully balanced –be it the variety of olives we use or insisting on the finest German rye flour. Sure it’s only bread. But it’s an important part of people’s daily lives” - Oasis Head Baker
Pita Pockets 600G


Pita Bread White 500G


Sourdough White


Pita Bread Wholemeal 500G


Sourdough Fruit Loaf


Zaatar Crisps 180G


Pizza Bases 3 x 150g


Sourdough Zaatar & Sesame


Sourdough Olive Rye


Sourdough Multigrain


Sourdough Archie's


Pumpkin Bread 700G


Half Rustic Baguette