Fairfield - Now Open!


Oasis Fairfield marks a major step forward for the Makool’s; the family that has for 20 years been operating Oasis, and it represents an exciting opportunity for the Fairfield community.

What was once a tiny warehouse selling pita bread, a few Middle Eastern groceries and falafel wraps, has grown and developed over 20 years into a unique and unparalleled shopping and dining destination. With the opening of Oasis Fairfield, there’ll be more opportunities to share in the Oasis experience whether you’re north or south of the river.

The café at Oasis Fairfield offers the same great food you’ve come to expect, from shawarmas and falafel, to our signature Lebanese BBQ and Lebanese pizzas, all presented in a light filled and comfortable café.  

The retail store at Oasis Fairfield maintains the same exceptional and dynamic range of groceries that you’ve come to expect. Oasis has always had a focus on house made products, like dips and salads, ready to eat meals Lebanese pizzas, nuts, spices and other cooking ingredients, and this focus will be maintained at Fairfield with a core range of house made Oasis products that will complement a range of over 8,000 other grocery products. Maintaining a focus on food that promotes a healthy and vital lifestyle is a cornerstone of the Oasis philosophy and be reflected in the breadth and range of the groceries available at Oasis Fairfield.

There is an abundant opportunities for employment with the opening of Oasis Fairfield. From the management team, to the service team, over 60 employment opportunities have been created. Oasis is an ethical employer and we are committed to providing our team members with the best training, safest working conditions and fairest wages. If you’re interested in working with the Oasis team, click here.

Oasis has committed to operating sustainably. Being able to set up a store from scratch has given us an opportunity to invest in the latest cooking equipment, LED light fittings, CO2 refrigeration system and chilled water air conditioning system, to maximise energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have also investigating an initiative to generate electricity from the waste heat generated and a program to turn waste food into nourishing compost.

Oasis Fairfield will change the way the local community dines, shops and socialises. It will be a place to drop in to, a destination and a meeting place. Oasis is excited to be able to share the same hospitality and food that we’ve become known for with the Fairfield community, and we’re looking forward to the next 20 years.


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