'Yalla, Yalla!' by Marwa Makool



Marwa Makool's new cookbook Yalla, Yalla! has arrived in-store and is packed full of beautiful, irresistible recipes that can be created quickly in your home.  Yalla, Yalla is an Arabic expression for Hurry up!, and this book is all about delicious dishes that are quick and easy to make, require few ingredients, and yet are healthy, satisfying and nutritious. In Yalla, Yalla!, Marwa shares her extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern cuisine and illustrates that even though time is tight in a busy lifestyle, it does not mean you have to avoid traditional dishes. 

Written by Marwa, head chef and owner of Oasis Bakery. Yalla, Yalla! is a beautiful collection of delicious recipes with mouth-wateringly vibrant photographs throughout accompanying every recipe.