Pana Chocolate 45G


- Mint
60% cacao with pure essential peppermint oil. Boosts energy levels, improves mental clarity. For after dinner. And breakfast. And lunch.

- Fig & Wild Orange
55% cacao with fig and wild orange essential oil. Goes well with 3pm.

- Cinnamon
60% cacao with pure essential cinnamon bark oil. Improves brain activity and concentration. Makes you better at breaking off squares to share. Or hiding the bar. Whatever.

- Nuts
40% cacao with hazelnuts, brazil nuts, cashews and walnuts. Rich in fibre and flavour. For those who believe in crunching, not sucking.

- Eighty %
80% cacao. 100% flavour. Satisfy your darker side.

- Orange
60% cacao with pure essential tangerine and orange oil. A little bit tangy and a little bit tart. The chocolate, that is. Improves mood and promotes relaxation.

- Coconut & Goji
47% cacao with goji berries and coconut flakes. A bar with multiple textures, multiple antioxidants and multiple fans. Your very own escape to the Amazon.

- Sour Cherry & Vanilla
50% cacao with sour cherries and vanilla bean. Regulates metabolism and encourages circulation and your route back to the checkout.