Nicholson Finishing Vinegar 265Ml



Roasted Red Capsicum Finishing Vinegar
Gold Medal winner at the Royal Hobart Fine Food awards 2014 and 2015. We use the best red capsicums grown in sunny Queensland in this powerful, complex Finishing Vinegar. It has great fruit flavours with added complexity from subtle use of ginger, pepper and bay leaves.

Uses include salads, pasta, risotto, seafood, chicken, beef, steamed vegetables.

Combined with mayonnaise, it makes a wonderful seafood dipping cream sauce. The vinegar can be used in casseroles and dips to boost flavour and enhance colour.

Spiced Raspberry Finishing Vinegar

This beautiful Finishing Vinegar shows wonderful spiced raspberry fruit flavours with subtle use of pepper and cloves. Spectacular as a salad dressing or splashed on cooked meats or summer fruits.

Try baked figs wrapped in prosciutto ham, served warm from the oven dressed with Raspberry Finishing Vinegar. It’s an easy summer dish that can be served hot, warm or cool, depending on the weather.