Lemongrass 30G



Origin: India. Baby chickens: Is there any other sight that can soften even the most heartless of tyrants? I recently became the proud father of a dozen baby chicks, on account of one of my hens doing what it is that hens do with roosters. Looking at these baby chickens, I feel that I have hope: a reason to keep on going. Life finally has meaning. I must raise these chickens as any proud father would raise his son. I must care for them & look after them in a decent & loving manner. I must raise them to be 2.2kg each & roast them with a lemongrass, saffron & rice stuffing with a side of golden roasted potatoes. Post script - Our new baby goats have rekindled the same feelings of joy & wonderment that the chickens had caused me to feel. Christmas dinner will surely be special this year