Sicam Harissa Paste 140G



Pepper, garlic, and spices are used to create this amazingly deep flavoured chilli sauce called harissa.

Originating in Tunisia, harissa is a fiery red paste which is often described as the ketchup of the Middle East.

Harissa is added to dishes to enhance flavours, used as a condiment, or even slathered onto a chunk of bread.

Try adding a spoonful of harissa to a lamb stew, spread inside a burger, use to marinate chicken, or spice up a tomato sauce.

Whisk the harissa with water and a little oil to emulsify and make harissa sauce or dip.

In addition, the paste like pepper sauce makes an excellent rub for meats and eggplant.

In regions like Tunisia that experience extreme temperatures and have little refrigeration, hot pepper paste is believed to act as a preservative for meat.

Ingredients: mixture of red peppers (baklouti, meski, beldi), garlic, coriander, caraway, salt, PH corrector (citric acid).

Product of Tunisia.