Global Organics Tomatoes Chopped Organic (canned) 400G



Tomatoes Chopped Organic (canned) 400G - Global Organics

Global Organics Chopped Tomatoes are picked at their nutritious peak, these sweet and luscious Italian tomatoes add a quick and vibrant lift to sauces, pizzas and stews. They may be from Italy but tinned tomatoes are as versatile as their fresh cousins. Concentrated in flavour they are fantastic in Mexican dishes, French braises, Indian curries, African stews, Moroccan tagines, European goulash, American tray bakes and Aussie classics like stews and soups. They even make a tasty topping on baked potatoes with some cheese and chives. Don't be surprised to find recipes for a sweet and tangy tomato cake!

Product Features & Benefits:

Global Organics Chopped Tomatoes are made in Italy and comes in a 400g BPA free ring pull can. Global Organics Chopped Tomatoes are certified organic, non GMO gluten free, and vegan. They contain no added salt or sugar.

Ingredients: Chopped Tomatoes* (65%), Organic Tomato Juice* (35%). *Certified Organic.