Noya hazelnut nut butter



Meet hazel. She brings a whipped decadence to the yard, not milkshakes. The finest hand-picked hazelnuts dry-roasted until golden, rich, and toasty. Then crushed and blended, giving you a full bodied, guilt-free, natural taste and texture so good, you’ll never touch chocolate again.




Hazelnuts (85%), Cashews (15%) (lightly dry roasted).

Did you know that Hazelnut butter is naturally a more runny/oily spread than the other tree nut butters?  To create the perfect texture for our Hazelnut butter, we add a tiny bit of Cashews (15% to be exact) into this nutty elixir, so the consistency is just right. 

Why Cashews… you may ask? You probably noticed that your NOYA jar contains a beautiful golden oil at the top. Did you know that this nutrient-packed oil comes naturally from the nut? Yes! Nuts release their oil when crushed so the separation that you see in your jar is completely normal. The crushed Cashews act as a natural emulsifier making the consistency of our Hazelnut butter smooth and dreamy! Without the Cashews, the oil separation will be more pronounced, and it would be a little too runny to spread or to spoon. 

NOYA is made from 100% nuts. We’re opposed to using any additives or add any hydrogenated oils to bind our spreads together.

The original smooth, creamy flavour of the Hazelnut isn’t compromised by doing this, as Cashew is the most versatile, blend-friendly nut. You can taste it for yourself...we know that you’ll love it and keep coming back for more!