Coney Island Classics Potato Chips With Himalayan Pink Salt 226G



Potato Chips With Himalayan Pink Salt 226G - Coney Island Classics

We're from Brooklyn

To us, the true magic of Brooklyn is Coney Island, land of thrilling rides and delicious snacking. Our Ripple Potato Chips is made the traditional old-fashioned Boardwalk way, by slicing American Hearth land frown potatoes into thick slices and cooking them so they are just perfect. We've added a modern twist... a sprinkle of Himalayan Salt. (Did you know it's one of the purist salts on earth, containing up to 84 minerals and other good stuff for your body?)

We use only Non-GMO potatoes, (Who thought messing with plant genetics was a good idea?) They're 100% Natural. (We don't think mankind has improved on what nature produces). We leave the peel on for extra crispy deliciousness. Our Potato Chips are yummy by the handful right out of the bag and they make a great scoop for surfing through a dip.

our Potato Chips have been made in New York for over half a century by 3 generations. of the same family (Wow! That's a lot of potatoes.)

This healthy snack is Gluten-free, and contains no cholesterol or preservatives. (So many people are excited about this!)

Ingredients: Choice Potatoes cooked in oil, With Himalayan Pink Salt Added.

May contain corn oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, or sunflower oil.