Chocolate Amatller 83% Cacao Perú 70g



83% Cacao Perú 70g - Chocolate Amatller

Apart from growing several cacao hybrids varieties, Perú is remarkably known for its range of native cacaos related to the Nacional, which had been thought to be exclusive to Ecuador. In recent years, Perú is becoming one of the main producers of aromatic cacaos.

A chocolate bar mixed with Native Cacaos and Trinitarios, cacao has been softly toasted and no conched to preserve its floral notes as much as possible.

Combination of nutty with spicy hints. Subtle and elegant.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass (Perú Origin), Sugar, Cocoa Butter. Cocoa solids: 83% minimum.

May contain traces of MILK, SOYA and NUTS