Chicken Spices 100G



From Imported ingredients. Phillip K. Dick wrote a book entitled "Do androids dream of electric sheep?" This book formed the basis the seminal 80's sci-fi flick 'Bladerunner," starring Harrison Ford (of recent celebrity for dating Callista Flockheart, not so much for any decent film roles), Rutger Hauer (my favourite Teutonic actor) & Sean Young (a real flipper). Now let me ask you something: In the brief 42 day life of a chicken, do you think they dream about being marinated in this aromatic spice blend (+ olive oil) & then being seared to perfection over hot coals & if they do so dream, then does this make them more human (ie self aware) or merely self destructive? This is sure to be a question for the ages. Let us ponder?